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About Possums

The brush-tailed possum is a major pest in New Zealand. It was introduced from Australia in 1837 to establish a fur industry. In Australia its population is kept down from dingoes, bush fires and less palatable vegetation. In New Zealand conditions are quite favourable for possums and the population now tops 70 million. It is estimated that they consume 70 million tonnes of native and introduced vegetation per year.

The following is a series of points of the damage possums do:

  • They damage our native forest. They eat the new growth leaving the old as well as eating berries and flowers. Often trees will end up dying.


  • They compete with the native birds by eating insects and berries as well as eating their eggs and chicks, of which many are endangered species.


  • They can damage crops as well as people's gardens.


  • They are a nuisance in suburban gardens.


  • They spread bovine tuberculosis in cattle and deer which is damaging to the dairy industry.


Possum in the bushes

"Crown Copyright: Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai (2003), Photographer: Rod Morris."


 With all Possum fur products except dyed there will be variation in fur colour and may be slightly different than in the pictures.


 About McDonald Textiles


Possum fur.Soft, warm, luxurious.

The brushtail possum is a small marsupial with a coat of unique, valuable fur. The

secret of this fur’s warmth is its hollow structure, an attribute found in only one

other species – the polar bear. With air trapped inside the fibre the fur provides

sumptuous warmth, natural insulation and incredible lightness. In New Zealand

this possum is also a major threat to our native wildlife – and its use in high-end

fashion helps bolster our country’s conservation efforts.



Strong, snug, gentle.

Born and bred in the high country regions of New Zealand, Merino fleece has a

world-leading reputation for being gentle, strong and resilient. With the finest

of individual fibres this fleece provides perfect comfort while delivering warmth

across a huge range of conditions. We carefully select only the finest quality fibres

from the very best of sources for our yarn.


Mulberry silk

Sleek, fine, exceptional.

Pure mulberry silk has been regarded for centuries as one of the world’s most

luxurious natural fibres. With natural strength and hypoallergenic and breathable

characteristics it is perfect material to ensure a smooth, comforting feel.


Lambskin leather

Smooth, supple, superior.

All leather used on our garments is hand-washable genuine lambskin leather.

This is the softest and most supple of all leathers – it is regarded as the only choice

when it comes to crafting luxury clothing that will withstand the test of time.